Finally an urge to write

I have long deliberated about creating a new blog. I say new, because my first attempt at publishing what I felt to be the life-long writing ordeal that faced me was when I was twelve years old. During those first years of striving to write I had played (rather naively I would say in retrospect) with the more complex ideas that exist in the world and which I wished to express. As believed and still believe, a life of struggle forms a man and prepares him better for understanding the philosophical nuances that exist in everyday life. While mine was not exactly a life of struggle, the crux of all that burdened me seemed to form an acute emotional intelligence through which I had realized that I was perhaps more ready to assay abstractions and complexities than other kids in my age. While I do not mean to say this with any snobbery, I truly believe that, at least as a child (I am not so sure about now) I was very early on interested to broach subjects, ideas and feelings that did not at all interest others of a similar age to me.

Thus, when I was twelve I had a rather naively mature wish to become a writer; to express the quandaries that I had discovered at the time and that I had later learned were to follow me almost everywhere I ventured. While I perceive today the attempt with slight humility, the enforcement of supporting adults around me only showed me what I had already understood; for a twelve year old, my “literary” expressions were well beyond normal, dull and mediocre, no matter how much was still left to work on.

Today, I am almost twenty three and more and more I am realizing that writing is perhaps my future; although that realization is overwhelmingly clouded with uncertainty and lack of faith. While I am nowhere near to writing what I hope will one day settle me as a professional writer, I feel like it is perhaps a ripe enough time to start a new slate on which I can share my progress since my childhood. While, I hardly consider myself well founded and have not written for a personal purpose in years, I feel like a new blog can help me set the right footing.

In the beginning I will only include my academic progress, which includes numerous essays that I am more or less proud of. I hope that with time I will be able to develop this blog further and venture into the literary world.

I do not wish to impose myself, and I wish any reader to know that this is a humble effort with not much beef. I feel rather like Stingo in Sophie’s choice, while I know that I will probably never be as brave as him to be able to set everything aside for the purpose of pure literary creativity. Neither do I consider my effort to be anything extraordinary. After all, Bertrand Russel wrote his first major book when he was twelve, and I had merely pettily played with philosophical ideas. However, I hope that perhaps something may someday become of this blog.

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